Brolga x Due North: A collaboration of art & architecture

Sep 16, 2021

We chat to street artist Brolga on his custom piece for Due North, what he loves about Preston, and what inspires him to create art.

With a pop art styled aesthetic, and an impressive portfolio of clients including Nike, T2 and Jaguar; Brolga is an artist and illustrator best recognised for his large-scale outdoor street art murals in New York.

Melbourne-born and Brooklyn-based, Brolga is most influenced by the experiences and people he has encountered through years of travelling and living abroad. Brolga aims to integrate his art into the daily lives of others, with his street art slowly becoming part of the city’s fabric.

Brolga’s vibrant and creative interpretations is why we’ve teamed up with him for our Due North project. Brolga’s piece showcases the vibrant and eclectic Northside way of life, and reflects the community through a vibrant palette, and unique take on the characters that are part of Melbourne’s Northside community.

What’s your process from concept to creation?

“I love drawing straight from my imagination. Most of my work starts with endless pencil sketches to slowly whittle the idea down to its core. Then I take everything into a digital format to experiment with colours and bring the drawing to life.”

How familiar are you with Preston?

“In the artwork, I drew from those first experiences in the city; how I felt, what I saw and what I noticed. I loved the old painted signage in the area, the architecture, and the busy main street backing onto the tree-lined suburbs.”

What does your piece for Due North represent?

“When I moved here from New York, my first experiences of living in Melbourne were actually in the Preston area. The piece that I’ve created for Due North is a snapshot of daily life in the Preston area. It contains traces of everyday city life with mixes of nature flowing through it, similar to that area of Melbourne.”

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