How minimalism could improve your lifestyle, productivity and mental health

Sep 16, 2021

How can you make minimalism work for you? We explore this trending movement and the benefits that a minimalist lifestyle can have on your wellbeing.

Minimalist living, in simple terms, is embracing a ‘less is more’ attitude towards our homes and possessions. The philosophy is about living with fewer things around us and how adopting these principals in our physical worlds can help us feel less cluttered in our minds.

So, does living a minimalist life mean giving up the TV along with all of our favourite things? The short answer is no. A more realistic approach is to keep the things you actually use and consider ditching (or donating) the things that you don’t.

The minimalist’s home

A brand-new apartment with quality finishes sets the tone for a minimalist lifestyle. The minimalist home is all about creating a clean and contemporary aesthetic with clutter free spaces — limiting distractions and the temptation to multitask frees up our mind to focus on the task at hand.

A simple rule is to review your current possessions and only hold onto objects that you use on a daily basis — or as tidying expert Marie Kondo eloquently puts it, the objects that ‘spark joy’. When deciding on the things that do serve a purpose in your life, it’s equally important to make sure everything has a home of its own.

At Caydon, storage solutions come aplenty throughout our apartments making minimalism a simple practice. Many of our floorplans feature large built-in desks or study nooks that can be closed away after hours encouraging an out of sight, out of mind approach to your to-do list.

In the Skyhomes and Terrace Homes at Home By Caydon, a cleverly concealed tech drawer sits within a stylish dry bar allowing you to keep your devices neatly stored away and charging when not in use.

The minimalist’s wardrobe

If you’re on social media, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe encourages you to edit your clothing collection down to a small of set of high-quality staple pieces that are made to last.

This style of wardrobe can provide many benefits, including less decision making each morning and less money wasted on fast fashion. Fashion experts suggest editing your wardrobe down to less than 50 pieces across all seasons, including shoes, outerwear and accessories. Stick to basic colours and styles that won’t date, allowing your capsule wardrobe to stand the test of time.

At Caydon, our wardrobes come fully fitted with clever storage systems including a mix of shelving and clothing rails, meaning organising your trans-seasonal wardrobe is a breeze. This also reduces the need for additional bedroom furniture — less surfaces that will collect both dust and unnecessary things.

The minimalist’s mind

Overall, minimalists are known to be happier individuals when compared to their hoarder counterparts, put down to the fact that that they have less worry, stress and chaos in their lives.

When it comes to their daily routines, minimalists adopt the same philosophy of letting go of the things that no longer serve them. This could include negative habits like mindless scrolling on social media or saying yes to things when you really want to say no. If it doesn’t ‘spark joy’ — reconsider the need for it in your life.

The most important aspect of minimalism as a concept is remembering there really are no set rules and everyone can find their own path.