How to create the perfect bar cart

Oct 14, 2021

Whether you prefer your cocktail shaken or stirred, a well-stocked bar cart is a must when enjoying happy hour at home.

With working from home being so common in today’s age, we think it is also completely appropriate to make drinking from home a part of your routine, too.

With a little expert guidance, you can create the most luxurious bar cart and transform an unused corner of your apartment into a lively zone for an afternoon Aperitivo.

Choosing your booze: keep to the classics

Our most important advice is to stick with the classics and always aim for good quality. This way you can make an extensive range of well-known cocktails for you and your guests without purchasing random spirits you may only use every now and again.

We recommend splurging when it comes to purchasing the alcohol varieties you already know and love – after all, you’re likely to be a seasoned regular at this particular local haunt.

cocktail making tools

Every mixologist needs a tool kit

The drinks selection is the most important part of the equation, but if you want to mix like a pro – a tool kit is a must.

Here is a good list of bar tools to get you started:

  • A good cocktail shaker with (or without) a built-in strainer
  • A cocktail mixing glass just in case a guest likes their drink stirred not shaken!
  • A pitcher so your guests can have a taste of what you’re whipping up
  • A bar spoon
  • A strainer
  • A jigger (if you feel like measuring)

Other things you can add are a muddler, paring knife, peeler, wine saver, citrus juicer and corkscrew. The list is endless, but we recommend you tailor your kit to include what you think you’ll use the most. Remember you can (and will) collect more as you go!

A cocktail mixing book can add a pop of colour to your bar cart and can also come in handy for the times you’re looking to get a bit more creative.

cocktail ready for drinking

What about glassware?

A set of all the basic types of drinking glasses is essential in completing the look of your bar cart. We think 2 of each glassware type is best to display, with more stored away in your kitchen cupboard just in case.

A set of highball glasses is essential as they are flexible and all-purpose which is important when you are first starting out. Quality rocks glasses are a great addition with the added benefit of looking super chic on display within your apartment. We would also add some coupe or martini glasses – our preference is the coupe glass because it holds a little more!

Melburnians love their wine, so a good set of red and white glasses are a good addition along with some champagne flutes for when the occasion calls for bubbles. If you’re not a wine lover, this is totally optional.

Take Happy Hour to another level!

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