How to Level Up Your Movie Nights at Home

May 17, 2022 Lifestyle

Enjoy your next movie night right in a Caydon apartment – classic snacks included. Impress your friends this weekend and enjoy your favourite flicks in style.

Whether you're into Oscar contenders or big–name blockbusters, movie nights at home are better with friends, family and plenty of popcorn. Here's how to make sure your next movie night goes to the next level – and leaves your guests asking, “Can we do this again next weekend?”

Set the Scene

Before the film, opt for soft lighting with fairy–lights, lanterns or candles. Decide which lights you can turn off during the movie and which ones won't leave glare on your screen. If your Caydon apartment has a home automation package, you can even take things one step further. With the touch of a button – or a simple voice command – you can create custom mood lighting in an instant.

Different seating heights also help so that everyone can see. It also creates a cosy, casual vibe. Think about using bean bags and floor pillows as well as your usual couch and armchair set up.

Switch It Up

The obvious place for your movie night is your living room. But you can make the event feel larger–than–life by mixing up your locations. Why not invite the neighbours over and set up a projector screen on your balcony or garden terrace at Rise Or make a move to the shared rooftop – or rooftop pool for a post–flick discussion over drinks at Due North.

Snack Attack

Popcorn, Fantales, M&Ms, Minties. Classic movie snacks are classics for a reason – they're crowd–pleasers that are easy to enjoy in the dark. A great food line–up is always balanced with something sweet, something savoury and something healthy. Hosting a larger group of friends? A cheese and charcuterie board is both eye–catching and easy to pull together. Check out our tips for creating the perfect spread.

If you really want to impress, set up an interactive element. This could be a DIY popcorn bar where your guests can pick from different flavoured seasonings (melted garlic butter, chilli salt, cinnamon sugar) or mix–ins. For a Friday–night spin, a cleverly stocked bar cart can lend itself to a signature cocktail station.

Of course, the ultimate home movie night would be hosted in your very own theatre. At HOME By Caydon, a quick trip up the elevator takes you to the moonlight cinema – one of the many shared spaces future residents have access to. Simply book the cinema using the Caydon HQ app, then invite your friends around for a private screening. Just add popcorn.

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