How to Marie Kondo your apartment

Nov 05, 2021

Keen to master the art of apartment organisation? We’ve done the hard work for you. Check out our three simple steps for surrounding yourself with objects you love and making room for your future.

Marie Kondo’s guide to achieve (and maintain) the organised home of your dreams has been all the talk for a few years – and it’s stuck around for a reason. If you are unfamiliar with her method, it’s an organisational system that leaves you with rooms full of items that quite simply “spark joy”

At Caydon, we know developing a minimalist approach can have countless health and wellbeing benefits. That’s why we’ve incorporated functional and stylish storage solutions in our wide range of apartments, to make the process easy-peasy.

Marie suggests doing it all in one go, so set aside some time this weekend and see what you can achieve with these three simple steps.

Woman stacking books

Step 1: Refine your vision

The first step is to envision your ideal lifestyle, before you begin cleaning out your apartment. Think about your daily routine, how you want your days to look, and most importantly - how you want to feel.

You should also take this time to think about how you spend your time at home. With many of us now working from home, think about how you could best maximise your space to improve your everyday productivity. Many of our apartments include built-in desks or study nooks – so you won’t have to think twice about re-organising your home office set-up.

Woman packing blanket into a donation box

Step 2: What brings you joy?

Marie recommends tidying in order of clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and lastly, sentimental items. As you move through each category, pick each item up and hold it. If it brings you joy, keep it. If it doesn’t? Let it go!

Having said that, we are pretty sure the kitchen spatula won’t bring you joy, and neither will the household bills. To find a happy compromise, we’ve pulled together our top tips that can transform your messy pantry into a Pinterest-worthy paradise.

Woman placing folded clothing into a cupboard

Step 3: Everything in your home, deserves a home!

To make sure your apartment stays tidy permanently, keep item categories organised in the same places.

Our favourite tip is to face up all your clothing when storing them away in draws. This means you’re less likely to create a mess every time you need something at the bottom of the pile. At Caydon, our apartments include generous built-in wardrobes with a mix of shelving and clothing rails, to make this task is an absolute breeze.


To try out your new home organisation skills in a brand new Caydon apartment, search our available properties today.