Level up with Home Automation

Oct 28, 2021

Home automation can elevate your daily rituals and make living in your Caydon apartment even better. Discover all the things you can do with our Smart Home packages, and you’ll be saying things like “Hey Alexa, turn on my favourite playlist” in no time.

How to transform your apartment into a smart home

We’ve partnered with the industry leaders in home automation, Smart Automation Systems, to create Smart Home – a home automation system that is clever, helpful and oh-so premium.

Home automation gives you greater control over your home, elevating your daily routines and creating conveniently connected living spaces within your apartment.

The system connects to your devices through Wi-Fi, allowing you to activate your home with your voice, smartphone or tablet from literally anywhere.

Let’s dig a little deeper to explain exactly how your Caydon apartment can be transformed into a Smart Home.

Get creative with your lighting

Our starter package allows you to automate your apartment lighting and really get creative with it. Control the lighting throughout your home at the touch of a button, or use simply use your voice to light the way.

You can even create custom commands that complement your existing rituals, such as switching over to mood lighting on a Friday evening by saying “Hey Alexa, it’s cocktail hour.”

Entertainment control at your fingertips

With our smart entertainment add-on, you can control your TV, media players and even your game consoles. Just ask Alexa to turn up the TV, or to play your favourite show on Netflix while you prepare dinner.

Having automated entertainment means you can start to set up customised routines that activate at certain times of the day, such as programming Alexa to wake you up at 7am on weekdays and read you the morning news.

Climate control like you’ve never experienced it

Effective climate control is essential for comfortable living. With Smart Home, you can set the heater to warm up your apartment ready for your arrival home in the cooler months, or get the air-con to kick in a short while before you wake up on those sweltering summer days. These added luxuries can really change your mood, contributing to a better quality of life overall.

This level of automation can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills along with reducing your carbon footprint.

“Hey Alexa, close the blinds”

Further contributing to reductions on your energy bills are your block-out blinds and the ability to set automation rules, allowing you to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

You can even programme Alexa to raise the blinds at 7am, meaning you can ditch the screeching alarm and wake up instinctively to warm natural light.

The future of home automation

The future of home automation is bright. Recently, our partners at SAS automated a grand piano on The Block, demonstrating a world of possibilities for levelling up and activating your apartment in intelligent ways. Watch this space.

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