Style your HOME with GlobeWest’s Keti Lytras

Jun 08, 2022 Style & Design

We spoke with GlobeWest’s Head of Creative Keti Lytras to find out how residents can make the most of the space inside their HOME by Caydon.

Keti Lytras is the type of individual who loves to evoke emotions with their work. “I love how people connect to a space and how an interior can alter someone’s mood.” She adds, “I also love how interior design is a form of expression. As fashion is a way for people to express who they are, so is interior design.” 

This mindset is shared by Caydon and was adopted in the designs of apartments for HOME by Caydon. An abundance of natural light, a blend of flooring materials, and a neutral palette allows for true expression of each individual – a blank canvas to work with. The goal is to ensure each place is comfortable and somewhere you want to be.

Given many of us have spent a significant amount of time at home over the past few years, Keti encourages people to consider just what will be done in the home prior to deciding on interior pieces. “The home has increasingly become the hub of our lives, and these spaces have evolved from more than just our escape and sanctuary.” One of the benefits of HOME by Caydon is that you have the option to utilise either the shared multi-function spaces within the building or make the most of our generously, spacious apartments.

“Our home now serves multiple functions that they didn’t before: it’s now simultaneously a workplace, a classroom, a yoga studio, all outcomes from the events of Covid.” With this in mind, Keti recommends investing wisely in certain pieces for the home. “Invest in the larger pieces, your sofa and your dining table as a starting point. These two pieces are key to a space and important in defining your aesthetic. I would then look at investing in a timeless coffee table as a hero piece.” 

By the same token, not every piece needs to break the bank. Keti explains, “Occasional tables, rugs, cushions and lights can be more budget-friendly, but also make a massive impact on a space.”

When all is said and done, Keti emphasises the home should be a place you enjoy being in. “It’s becoming more important than ever that our homes are calm and nurturing spaces to retreat and recharge into.” With HOME by Caydon residents are able to make their own mark on the apartments thanks to the design. Inside each apartment residents are greeted with a sophisticated, tranquil atmosphere. It's the perfect backdrop for your personal style. Raw materials, influenced by the site's industrial heritage, give your living space a harmonious feel and metallic accents offer a refined edge.

For a limited time, you can receive exclusive access to GlobeWest furniture and up to $60,000 RRP* of free designer furniture, plus a personal interior style consultation with a GlobeWest showroom consultant, when you purchase a 2 or 3 bedroom Apartment, Skyhome or Terrace Home at HOME by Caydon. Learn more about this offer here.

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